Abstract Art - What Do You See?

Pet Portraits

Commissions are available for portraits of your dear pet. I work from your photographs. Here are some examples of past works.


"I love my artwork. The canvas is beautiful and high quality. I originally ordered one and Donna was gracious enough to create a series so that I could have 3 for my wall. Fast shipping and awesome customer service. Can’t wait to see more creative projects."

Lisa S.

"Every morning I wake up at my desk, with my coffee, and peak over at the picture Donna painted for me. The bright vividness helps to make sure my day should be the same way."


Dr. Rick Goldfine

"Donna has always been drawn to art, even as a baby. I have witnessed her growth over the years, as her style has changed as she grew into her craft and it began to mold her, with each passing year. Beautiful work! I am looking forward to seeing what will develop next! Whatever it will be, it will stay true to her style and give us all more insight and beauty into the artistic landscape of the mind of, Donna Lynne!"

Shirley A Richardson

"I purchased two t-shirts emblazoned with Donna Lynne's Art. I wore one to a Monday night football party where I was asked what I was on my t-shirt. I said anything you want it to be! Then I walked around the room displaying my shirt saying it's an abstract painting by Deborah's sister! Everyone loved it!! It looks so good! Great quality too!  I'll be buying more!!!"

Ray D.

"Donna surprises me with the imagination and creativity that flows through her brushes onto a canvas.  Her art reflects her emotion, intimacy and power.  I love the strength and beauty of the women she creates! It's a wondrous magical journey to see through her eyes!"  

Deborah W. M.

"Donna can’t help but put her heart, body, & soul into each and everything she creates.
Every object is a manifestation of her personal beauty and an invitation to your own truth to dance with her and kick up the star dust of our shared empathetic/chaotic beings."

Jamie Hunter

"I bought three of them for me and my sisters, this is one of my favorite pictures. Also, I bought two paintings for my house in Tobago they are beautiful. Donna is a great artist. I told her that she is coming to Tobago with me to paint a mural in my son’s bedroom. She is the best you would love her paintings."

Emel Nurse

"I love the artist!!! She creates a high-quality product with fast shipping and an excellent price. The comments on her art T-shirts are constant and ongoing. Everyone wants to know who the artist is!"

George Wenck