Abstract Art - What Do You See?

Free Original Art Phone Wallpaper

Hey everyone, I'm excited to offer you this gift of free original art phone wallpaper! I have sold many of these, but with a different background, as phone case covers. This is my painting, Painted Lady. She's also available on T-shirts by the way. See the Art T-shirts page on my site. With this background, it looks so extra psychedelic! I love when I get the chance to use that word. Somebody has to show me how it looks on their phone! I'll add the best one to the site in the testimonials. Make sure you're in the pic too and say a few lines about the art! Short and sweet this week. Just save the pic from here. I hope you super love it!! High Vibes, Donna

Very colorful abstract figure of a woman with a large afro.

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